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Insurance Benefits—Available for a Personal Injury?

Hurt in An Accident? Can You Get Insurance Coverage?

Distressed manWhen you have been injured in any kind of an accident, you will naturally look to the at-fault party to compensate you for your losses. If the losses are significant, or if the at-fault party (like many) does not have the resources to cover your losses, you’ll want to see if there is insurance that will provide coverage for your injuries. Depending on the type of accident, you’ll want to look at different policies to determine if you are eligible for benefits.

Most claims for insurance benefits after a personal injury stem from motor vehicle accidents, and are filed under an automobile insurance policy. The process for recovering insurance benefits varies, based on whether you are filing a no-fault claim or a third-party claim. Under no-fault laws, you must seek compensation for your losses from your own insurance provider. Your insurer may then seek reimbursement of payments under a legal process known as subrogation. Typically, no-fault rules only apply to injuries that are not serious.

It’s customary, when you have suffered physical injury, to seek medical attention and file a claim for benefits with your own health insurance provider. For example, if you are injured in a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property, you can go to the hospital, an urgent care facility or your doctor and have the costs initially covered under your own health insurance policy. Your insurer will typically then pursue reimbursement from the at-fault party or their insurance company. Reimbursement may be sought under auto, homeowners’, malpractice or comprehensive general liability policies.

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