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Motor Vehicle Collisions

Car accidentOne of the most common mistakes people make after being involved in a motor vehicle collision is failing to call the police. In Pennsylvania, law enforcement officers generally won’t come to the scene of an accident unless there is an apparent injury. In Delaware, though, they will generally always come if they are called.

One of the most important things you need to do in the aftermath of an accident is get the best contact information you can about other drivers and witnesses, so that your attorney will be able effectively put together your case. All too often, people get some information from the other driver, but fail to obtain the complete name and address, making it extremely difficult for their lawyer to identify the at-fault parties.

This failure becomes exceptionally problematic if you have to take legal action to recover full compensation for your losses. Under either Delaware or Pennsylvania law, you must sue the at-fault party personally. Without full name and address, this can be difficult or even impossible.

The Information You Need to Get after an Accident

Any time you are in a motor vehicle collision, get all the information regarding the driver. That includes name and address, along with all insurance information. The other driver should be carrying an insurance card with all relevant information, including the name of the company, and policy number. The insurance card should also have a direct dial number that you can call to reach the insurance company..

If you are involved in an accident in Delaware, you should always call the police. It cannot hurt. If you see someone hanging around, ask if they saw the collision. If they did, politely ask them for their name, number, and address. Don’t wait for the police arrive to question witnesses. A witness may not stick around, and then they can be lost forever.

Do yourself a favor and get that information. It will help you to a great extent down the line.

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