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Slip and Fall

Slip and FallIn a slip and fall situation it is vitally important that you report it to the management of the place you fell as soon as it occurred. Many times people call me and say that they had a slip and fall at a supermarket, department store, or any other type of commercial establishment. They did not feel that hurt at the time, and continued on with their business. They did not report it to anyone. Later on, they started developing very severe symptoms as a result of the fall.

If you do fall and feel any type of personal injury, or even if you do not, you should report it immediately to the management of the place where you fell. If you fell because of some type of defect such as water, other type of substance on the floor, by doing so you will protect anyone else that is shopping or working in the store.

For your own protection, it documents what happened at the time in which it did happen. In other words, the management can come and see that there was water or another substance on the floor that caused you the fall. Most establishments will do some type of incident report that will detail exactly what they saw and what you have to say. It becomes part of the record of the store. If you sustained an injury or end up having feeling pain within a few days thereafter, it is already documented.

Furthermore, a lot of establishments as we well know, have cameras. However, cameras do not keep what happened forever. If you report it, then the camera can show exactly what occurred. Most times that will be to your advantage.

If you do not report it until days or weeks later, you lost the effectiveness of having the management see exactly why you fell. Furthermore, if the camera has been erased, you lost the ability for everyone to see exactly what did occur. It is just essential that if you do fall for both your sake and for everyone that is there in the establishment or will be in the establishment, to report it immediately.

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