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Slip and Falls

Unfortunately as we all know, many people slip and fall or get hurt at restaurants, food stores, department stores, and any other place they go which are controlled by other people. Slip and falls are extremely difficult to prove in many cases. The reason for that is you must show in Court the place where you got hurt knew or should have known there was some type of dangerous condition that should have been handled before you ended up being hurt. In some cases, that is a very hard thing for a Plaintiff’s attorney to prove because you are basically trying to prove something that is very hard to know.

There are a few things a person can do to try to help themselves and their attorney, if they, unfortunately, ever end up in that type of situation. Initially, if you are injured severely, your first need is to ask for assistance and get by ambulance to a hospital. Your health is always your main concern.

However, many people feel injured, but they are not to the point where they have to have immediate ambulance service. If you find yourself in that position, there are some simple things you can do.

Initially, look to see what caused you to fall, or otherwise be injured. If it is a fall look to see whether it was some type of liquid on the floor, whether it was a clear liquid, how big of a spill, or if you can see where the spill was coming from. By looking for those telltale clues, it helps quite a bit in determining how long that spill had been there, and whether the employees of the place in which you fell should have realized there was a problem. If it is some other type of injury, see how it happened.

Secondly, look to see if there is a camera above you that is recording what is occurring. If so, then you know the camera should have captured exactly what happened you were injured. If you have a camera phone, take a picture of what caused you to fall. You should always look to see if there is a ‘wet floor’ sign or some other type of indication there was a problem where you fell. Most people are looking for merchandise on the display and not staring at their feet. A picture is always worth a 1,000 words. Also, if people saw what happened, get their name and phone number.

Thirdly, make sure you report the incident immediately. Usually, someone will come and take a statement from you about what occurred. Please give them all the information about what happened. That is what is called an incident report.

It is up to the attorney to develop the case. However, having knowledge of what was stated above is extremely valuable in knowing how to pursue the case. It takes just but a few minutes to potentially have a good case, as opposed to a tough one.

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