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Smartphone Use While Driving

Recently, a New York state prosecutor, Kathleen Rice, unveiled a program designed to prevent drivers from texting and driving (aka distracted driving). She is also hoping that insurance companies and smartphone manufacturers will begin to offer incentives for the adherence of text-and-drive laws.

In a press release, she said:

  • texting while driving is equally as dangerous as drunken driving – and more common among the youth
  • she urged smartphone manufacturers to incorporate technology into their devices that would prevent users from texting while operating a motor vehicle
  • she also asked the larger insurance companies to offer rates at a discount for persons whose devices contained the aforementioned technology (or a third-party app that serve the save function of prohibiting texting while driving)

Ms. Rice also stated that her office will seek to impose sentences that require this text-blocking technology for any individual that is convicted of any violation involving texting while driving. She is also asking law enforcement officers to cite any motorist who violates the law against texting while driving, even if the motorist is already facing more serious charges, such as reckless driving, etc.

Driving While Texting in Delaware – Distracted Driving Laws

Delaware state has extremely tough distracted driving laws – with enforcement being equally stringent. DE’s bans cover all drivers, as well as bans that only refer to bus drivers and novice drivers:

  • All drivers are banned from using hand-held cell phones
  • Bus drivers are prohibited from using both hands-free and hand-held cell phones
  • Novice drivers, meaning drivers with either a learner’s permit or an intermediate license, are also prohibited from using both hands-free and hand-held cell phones
  • Text messaging – ALL drivers are banned from texting messaging while driving. This includes text message composition AND sending text messages while driving.

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