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The Common Types of Construction Site Accidents

Construction workersConstruction sites are commonly considered to be among the most dangerous places in the world to work. Even when you take the highest level of personal precaution, paying close attention to your actions and the actions of those with whom you are working, a mishap can occur in an instant. Here are the most frequent types of accidents causing injury on a construction site:

  • Falls from heights—Even with a single story home, you can be at risk of fall from a ladder or roof. On high-rise construction sites, you may fall from scaffolding or a ladder, but there are also risks associated with construction elevators, with higher levels that don’t have proper guardrails, and with buckets or cranes.
  • Falling objects—There are many potential falling objects on a construction site, from cranes, ladders and scaffolding to tools or machinery, from jobsite materials to trash or debris.
  • Dangerous or defective machinery, equipment or tools—The power and pneumatic tools used on most construction sites can be highly dangerous if poorly designed, improperly manufactured or maintained, or incorrectly used.
  • Negligence in hiring, training and supervising—Contractors and owners often take short cuts in hiring in order to put more labor into a jobsite. Workers may not have the necessary experience to operate a complex power tool or piece of heavy machinery. Some workers with minimal training may not get the additional training they need to safely operate a machine. Furthermore, contractors and subcontractors may simply delegate tasks without ensuring that those performing them have the requisite skill or experience.
  • Job-related motor vehicle accidents—With regular deliveries and the removal of waste, trash or earth, there can be a lot of traffic on a construction site. In addition, workers may be required to drive distances to obtain materials or perform other tasks.

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