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Toxic Mold Cases

I get a lot of calls about mold cases. I will take a mold case. However, many times when I hear about a mold case, what I am being told is there was mold in a property that was purchased or rented. There are problems that a person believes are connected to the mold. Usually, they state they are better but had a problem for a certain amount of time.

When I hear that on the phone or in person, I tell people that having problems with mold can be extremely serious. However, there are certain doctors that deal with that type of problem. Even though there may be mold on the property, you just cannot say you felt bad, and therefore, it had to be as a result of the mold.

If you see mold and start having problems with breathing or any other types of problems, you need to let a doctor know. If you are aware there is mold, you need let a doctor know that also. He or she should refer you to a specialist. You have to prove in any personal injury case that the injuries sustained are both directly and proximately related to, in this case, exposure to mold.

Secondly, what is sometimes difficult to prove is the apartment complex, landlord, or former homeowner knew or should have known that the mold was there. Sometimes it is not very hard to show. Other times it is more difficult. You cannot just show there is mold, and therefore, some other person is responsible.

As I stated above, people can become very seriously ill from exposure to mold. However, you need to make sure you see the correct providers to try to diagnose your problems, and correct your problems. Most primary care physicians will not state your problems are related to mold. That is not their area of expertise, that is why there are specialists for mold and any other problems that can occur. It is not that the doctors are poor doctors, it is just not what they do day to day.

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