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Types of Injuries on a Construction Site

The Types of Injuries Most Frequently Suffered on a Construction Site

You don’t need to watch The Most Dangerous Jobs in the World to know that the likelihood of serious injury on a construction site, especially a high-rise, can be substantial. With cranes, earth movers, graders and other heavy equipment nearly always present, and with scaffolding, ladders, construction elevators and heavy building materials, the slightest carelessness by an owner, contractor or another worker can spell disaster. Here are the most common types of accidents on construction sites:

  • Falls from heights—In an effort to save costs or meet deadlines, owners and contractors often fail to take appropriate precautions to prevent workers fall from upper levels, from elevators or cherry pickers, or from ladders or scaffolding. Scaffolding may be improperly constructed or poorly maintained, or necessary guard rails may not be in place or may not be properly constructed
  • Falling objects—Workers on a construction site are often in danger of being struck by a falling object, such as building materials or tools stored on an upper level, as well as collapsing cranes or collapsing upper levels.
  • Injuries caused by the malfunction or improper use of tools, machinery or equipment—In some instances, a tool or machine may be poorly designed or may be used for some other purpose than specified. Owners or contractors may neglect to perform necessary maintenance, or to repair tools when necessary. In addition, workers may be inadequately trained or qualified to use tools, machines or heavy equipment.
  • Injuries caused by lack of supervision, poor training, or negligence in hiring—Some contractors hire workers without the necessary skills to operate heavy equipment or to perform other key tasks. They may also allow workers to do their job without adequate instruction or supervision.
  • Motor vehicle accidents on job sites—Many construction sites have regular traffic moving in and out, with deliveries arriving, and with heavy machinery moving regularly about the project.

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