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Attorney for Traumatic Brain Injury & Birth Injury in Delaware

Birth Injuries | Forceps or Vacuum Injury | Delivery Room Trauma | Failure to Properly Monitor Fetus or Birth Mother | Erb’s Palsy | Shoulder Dystocia | Cerebral Palsy | Hypoxia Injuries

The birth of a child is often a joyful event. There are, however, significant risks throughout the process. When medical professionals use an appropriate standard of care, those risks can be inconsequential. When doctors or nurses act carelessly, though, the outcome can be devastating. If your child suffered injuries in the birthing process because of the negligent or wrongful act of a medical caregiver, you want an experienced lawyer to help you get the compensation you need to care for your child. We can help.

At the office of Michael J. Hood, LLC, we bring more than 31 years of experience to people with potential personal injury claims based on a birth-related injury. We take a unique approach with every case, listening carefully to learn the facts and circumstances of your child’s injury. We will work closely with you throughout the legal process, keeping you fully informed of all developments, as well as your options, so that you can make good decisions that protect your future.

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Our Representation in Birth Injury Cases

At our office, we provide comprehensive counsel to parents of children who have suffered injury during childbirth. We will carefully gather, evaluate and preserve evidence of wrongdoing by medical professionals, and will prepare and file all paperwork required to seek damages in a court of law. Attorney Hood will be your advocate in all hearings or proceedings, including depositions, settlement meetings and trial.

We handle all types of birth injury claims, including cases involving:

  • The failure to properly monitor a fetus or a birth mother, leading to complications and injuries from fetal distress
  • Erb’s palsy, cerebral palsy or shoulder dystocia caused by clamping, vacuum or forceps errors
  • Injuries caused by deprivation of oxygen to the child while still in the womb
  • Failure to timely perform a Caesarean delivery (C-section)

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