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Experienced Wilmington Attorney Helping Truck Accident Victims

Injuries Caused by Independent or Contract Truck Drivers

If you have been injured in a truck accident involving a trucker driving as an employee of a large trucking company, you can always bring the trucking company in as a defendant and have a realistic expectation that the company or its insurers will provide some compensation for your losses. But what if you or a loved one is seriously injured or killed in a truck accident involving an independent or contract truck driver, someone who may not have the resources of a large trucking firm? Are you limited to suing the truck driver? Under what circumstance can you bring in the trucking company? You want an experienced lawyer to protect your interests.

At the office of Michael J. Hood, LLC, we have more than 31 years of experience representing personal injury victims in Delaware, including people hurt in truck accidents. We take a straightforward approach, always telling you what you need to know even if it’s not what you want to hear. We’ll take the time to listen carefully to the details of your case so that we can give you a realistic appraisal of your case’s potential value, as well as any roadblocks we may have to overcome. We have the knowledge, skill, experience and resources to help you pursue full and fair compensation for all your losses, including lost wages and income, medical expenses, loss of companionship, and physical pain and suffering.

Protecting Your Rights in a Truck Accident Involving an Independent Truck Driver

When you hire us to help you seek damages for injuries sustained in an accident involving an independent or contract trucker, we will work hard to identify all possible sources of compensation so that you can get the benefits you need and deserve. We will look at:

  • Any insurance coverage or other potential resources the independent trucker has that can be used to reimburse you for your losses, including motor vehicle or business insurance
  • The potential liability of other parties, such as the freight broker, the parties to whom or from whom the goods were shipped, the company that loaded the truck and other motorists who might have contributed to the accident
  • The extent to which your motor vehicle insurance policy provides coverage if the trucker was either uninsured or underinsured

We handle all types of injury claims arising out of accidents involving independent or contract truckers, including serious and catastrophic loss, as well as wrongful death. We will help you seek damages for all your losses, from lost wages and income to medical expenses or physical pain and suffering.

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