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Liability in Public Swimming Pool Accidents

Wilmington Delaware Pool Accident Accident Attorney

Under Section 4464 of Title 16 Health & Human Services Delaware Administrative Code, public pools are required to adhere to a number of codes and regulations in the construction, operation, and cleaning of a pool. There are requirements specifying what chemicals must be added to pool water to counteract the degradation of chlorine due to sunlight; what sort of fence must surround a pool; what arrangement of bathrooms must be provided; what sorts of diving boards can be installed; when a lifeguard must be used; and, what sort of filtration system must be used. Consequently, there are a number of issues that must be considered when an accident in a public swimming pool happens.

Determining Fault – Parental Mistake or Public Pool Negligence?

In some cases, especially those that involve slides or slips and falls on the pavement, parents may mistakenly believe it was their child’s fault for not taking proper precautions when using a slide or running to jump into the pool. However, depending on the situation, the fault may lie with the public pool. For example, was the water slide properly functioning? Were there any malfunctioning jet sprays that left part of the slide dry? Was the curvature of the slide up to code? And, were any warning signs posted prohibiting running or jumping into the pool? Was a lifeguard on duty?

Investigating Pool Accidents

Typically, when an injury happens in a public pool that does not involve drowning or a diving accident, it’s unlikely pool operators or authorities will conduct an investigation. Here, it’s important to consult an experienced personal injury attorney who can conduct an investigation to determine if any codes or regulations were violated. For example, depending on the nature of a pool accident, request of maintenance documents, inspection schedules, or lifeguard qualifications can shed light on why an accident happened.

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